Cycle me home is a documentary/road movie project founded by filmmakers and bike lovers in 2011. It all started with an idea of a Hungarian exchange student in Madrid who decided to ride back home to Budapest on his fixed gear bike after finishing his semester in the Spanish capital.

The idea inspired a big group of friends and all of a sudden the whole project turned out to be much more than a simple cycling holiday. Starting with a 38 days long Madrid-Budapest trip, the brand and the team behind it was born and have been pedaling and filming ever since.

Just get on your bike, choose your destination and go, you can be sure you will experience something you never had before. Go alone and challenge yourself, go with strangers and arrive as friends or go with friends and arrive as a team – you can only win. This is our motto and this is our method of filming as well. Just turn on the camera and let things happen – you can be sure there will be something interesting. We believe that life gives you the best stories, you just need to be open to see them – but one thing is sure: whatever you are looking for, it’s OUT THERE. So go and find it!
That is the magical thing we are seeking.